Monday, May 16, 2011

Video game effects on kids: Not all black and white, expert argues

So I have a new brain health project. I want to increase my eye hand coordination using a game controller. Now before you go thinking I've jumped off the deep end into first person shooters, let me explain. A game new this spring that I am developing my new skill on isPortal 2. I missed Portal but found it on an old gaming disk so I've been working out. Here are the guidelines I set for myself, work out in the garden or walk for 30 to 60 minutes before gaming for the equal amount of time. There, I am improving muscle tone and heart health while finishing up with creating new neuron connections in the brain. It's a win-win!

ScienceDaily (2011-05-10) -- A new article argues that existing video game literature can't be classified in black and white terms. Instead, there's a vast gray area when considering the multiple dimensions of video game effects on kids -- with at least five dimensions on which video games can affect players simultaneously.