Saturday, October 1, 2011

Arrived in Manila

My Brain on Sleep Mode
I have arrived in Manila, my new home shared with my husband and 15 yr old for the duration of our ICM assignment.  Five weeks of packing followed by jet lag has been a recipe for brain shutdown, not unlike the sleep mode of my computer.  I have a new awareness of how much we take brain function for granted.  I learned only two weeks into packing that the daily decision making regarding our stuff resulted in my brain “checking out” by 6 at night.  

I re-learned the value to providing it with proper protein, fluids, relaxation and restorative sleep.  Now as I emerge from the fog of jet lag, I look forward to the “normal” demands of adjusting to a new living environment and culture.  I must eat well, drink fluids, exercise and rest if I am to be at the top of my game for the learning curve and new decisions facing me. 

We never know what adventure or surprising turn of events awaits us. Rather than living in consuming anticipation or dread, take the opportunity now to feed and care for your brain, eat well include Omega 3 fatty acids, give it time to rejuvenate with restful play and 8 hours of sleep.

Typhoons! Oh my!
We have arrived right in the middle of typhoon season.  Just as one subsides another system forms off in the Pacific and moves in.  They are devastating but as is typical in the states it is the poor who are most vulnerable to the effects.  The middle class and wealthy typically live on higher ground and are spared any real effects other than the inconvenience of slower travel or at most being confined to home for a day until floods subside.  The poor are regularly evacuated, sheltered and then return home to rebuild.  I would post pictures, but I was confined to the Hong Kong airport for 24 hrs during Nesat and have nothing…

This coming week will be about focusing on school work, looking for apartments and preparing for my first public health team meeting.

Be well…