Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What we need is sustainability...

Sustainability...a popular term in the green Pacific NW.  Imagine my pleasure when I heard it role off the tongues of Philippine leaders of the island communities participating in ICM Values, Health and Livelihood programs.  The 4 and 6 month  community programs we support are much appreciated. "But what", asked the leaders, "is to be done about sustainability?"  And that is the 40 million Filipino peso ($1 million USD) question.   How is capacity being built into the individuals so that they continue to live out the values, health and livelihood training after the ICM trainers have left?

Before expecting follow through from others a little self reflection is in order here.  How do I sustain healthy living practices?  Three topics come to mind immediately and bear some thought
  • Recognizing my value and the worth of my dreams
  • having like minded friends and 
  • grace for a fresh start each day.
Worth and Vision
When I see myself as an individual of worth and that I have something of value to contribute to my world then choosing healthy practices will support me in my endeavors.

Supportive like minded friends always helps

Fresh start each day
Waking with an attitude of thankfulness for a new day, not living for perfection, but enjoying the day and flexibly navigating unexpected events.  Supporting my body, mind and soul with healthy choices of fresh fruits and veggies, positive-supportive thinking and conversations and an attitude of prayer.  It won't change my circumstances, but I can change my outlook and response.

Be Well,