Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sorting, Storing, Shipping, Selling

We are in the final stages of figuring out what to do with our stuff.  The proverbial light is shining!
Clothes and some personal serving and decorative things are packed to ship Sept. 8th for the Philippines.
We have solved the storage issue and that has made the whole process much easier.  And then there are our dear friends who have stopped by to pack boxes, totes and schlep stuff all over the property.  The repair work has begun around the property and it's looking mighty fine, too bad we can't stay to enjoy it!

Lee and Kit are doing the same thing in Chicago tomorrow moving into their newly wed apartment.  Kit's dad drove their wedding presents to them and will help with the move.

Stephen is a happy freshman at Wheaton enjoying his 4 classes and enthusiastic roommate.

David leaves Thursday morning for London, traveling two days to arrive at Wycliffe College at Oxford to study philosophy for 3 months.

Brad leaves Thursday for Hong Kong and begins an intense 6 week transition time with ICM's current CEO

Andy and I are finishing up preparing the house for renting and starting our respective online schooling programs, my 5th course in the Public Health program at OHSU and his 1st semester sophomore year. We do not have a departure date yet, sometime after September 15th most likely.

Wishing you all well, if you are waiting for a dream to be realized, don't despair when the timing is right and as you are faithful in your current circumstances, it will come together and be SWEET!

Be well!


  1. Awesome to hear how you're all doing. Love you and praying for quick organization and a speedy airplane ride to Brad and your new home.


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