Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Back in Portland!

My walkabout blog has not kept up with my walk-about these past four months, April to August...
From Manila
 and it's traffic

To Hong Kong

and an Island Resort

To Lake Michigan in Chicago
Last month we returned to Portland Oregon after leaving for Manila one year ago this week. Woo wee, 8 homes in 12 months!  It's a lot for this former suburban farm mom of four and developing public health advocate to take in!  The world is full of gracious, generous people.  Look for them and enjoy them in your corner of the world, it off sets unexpected events.

I am happy to report that in spite of surprising turns and readjustments my healthy living practices continue to build resiliency and support recovery from the unexpected.

For any of you out there living a full life facing uncertainty or recovering from disappointment, I encourage you to consider...

5 Fruits and Veggies a day,
Increase fiber (ease into this one)
and Drink your water,
8 hours of sleep which is helped by
walking briskly for a few minutes once or several times a day.

It's not about perfection just keep moving forward, some of you are living day by day.  At this time that is an aspiration of mine, I am enjoying moment by moment.

Make it fun! Resiliency is supported by turning the mundane into a game.  I found www.superbetter.com a great way to turn my health regime into a game.

Be Well,

More to come next up....Healthy living lessons transferred from The Philippines to Rockwood Neighborhood in Gresham-Portland 

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